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In order to run our events we need time, volunteers and donations. As students, money tends to be something we are less keen on giving up. However, it is important to remember why we are donating, to whom and for what purpose.

However, it is important to remember why we are giving money, who to and for what purpose. All that we have comes from God (Psalm 24:1), and therefore giving money to further God’s mission on campus in one of many ways to give back to Him. This can be done not only through donating, but also through volunteering.


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Freshers’ Week is just around the corner. We would appreciate you praying that all our events will run smoothly. We would also appreciate prayers for new Freshers for the start of their university careers.
Prayers for our new Exec Team. We ask you to pray that He will help and guide them in their planning for the upcoming year.